Some of My Favorite Books on Grief

Some of My Favorite Books on Grief
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They helped me cross the chasm of grief into stability

There are many books out there on grief, but it can be hard to know where to begin. Here are some of my favorites you can start with. I have categorized them based on different themes. If you are in the first year of grief, you might be experiencing grief brain and it might be hard for you to read books. Most of these books have audible versions – try purchasing those if you need to.

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Book Themes

  • Early Grief
  • Consolations
  • How to Cope
  • Grief Journals
  • Memoirs
  • Poetry
  • Grief Dreams
  • Deeper contemplations on grief & death
  • Afterlife

Early Days of Grief


Books to Help You Sit with Grief


Science & Psychology

Grief Journals

Memoirs on Grief

Poetry Books About Grief

Grief Dreams

Deeper Contemplations on Death & Grief

The Afterlife