Dear Friend,

Welcome to Grief Dances  – a home for the outrageously courageous hearts ready to find their rhythm in grief and meet their pain with tenderness.

Your Pain is Real and Worthy of Your Deepest Contemplation

and I am unwavering in providing you with resources to orient, support, nourish and nurture you as you move through the abyss of unspeakable pain.

At Grief Dances, you will find...

  1. Practical advice to orient, stabilize and help you navigate the terrifying alternate reality of grief
  2. Resources to nourish, nurture, empower and support you during this difficult time
  3. Tools to help you harvest creative purpose from pain
  4. Tips on building resilience and finding your unique rhythm
  5. Community to hold you as you move through the abyss of unspeakable pain.

In essence, you will find a sacred space that can contain all of your grief, sorrow, and anguish. A tribe of fellow travelers who see you and understand what you are experiencing because they have walked the same path and have been inducted into the halls of soul-crushing grief.

All of you is welcome here: your sadness, sorrow, grief, anger, frustration, anxiety, joy...

I am so glad you are here!

About Ning

I am Ning and I am so glad you found me!

I am no grief expert, I have no degrees in grief work, I am just a motherless daughter – a fellow traveler through the alternate reality that grief takes you into. A fellow sister who has experienced the gut-wrenching depths of grief, the relentless heart-shattering, and has found a way through with a deep understanding of the terrain. I am just here to hold your hand.

I am a dancer in my heart, an apprentice to sorrow/grief in this life, and a poet with a taste for mischief. Read My Story here and here.

My purpose is to help you feel supported, empowered, and connected by providing you with practical tools and resources to help you find your bearings and navigate the labyrinth patterns of the alternate reality of unspeakable grief.